31 January, 2006

A funny "function" of PSP

FDS:Flying Disk System. It's a "specification" of the PSP first version. You can shoot UMD when you play a game.

It also my reason why I haven't get PSP...
Today I found a funny movie about this issue.

"PSP vs NDS"
The golf game said "Nice Shot!" but... :-)

You can see other movies, whew... I also found PSP playable...

"Organized site of PSP troubles"

Do you know the current PSP have this "function"? :-)

aki o_ob

HRP-2 helps human daily life with autonomous function.

My associate Mr. Moriyama wrote an issue.

"HRP-2 helps human daily life with autonomous function"
You can get some video from the site.

It's a pair of distributed autonomous robotic system for daily life supports.

On the press demonstration, they has composed 3D map with laser range finders.
(but it haven't written in this article.)

*If someone need detailed translation, please contact me.

Nam June Paik passed a way.

He is a father of media arts and video arts.
Great history he is! 40 years or more.

I wrote a short condolence here in Japanese.

And I introduce you his official website.
It was updated about funeral information.

aki o_ob