22 January, 2007

[auto] A young hero comes to Laval

Today, an internship student comes from the JAIST Miyata lab .
He will be studying abroad for 3 months.

Kendo 4-dan, the face manifique is the egg of the CG researcher who had the atmosphere of feeling not be able to oppose to the toe TASS Matsumoto being similar and name.

With only the liquor, doubtfully - is also a [i] atmosphere simultaneously.
(As for here however perhaps, it is the French direction)
Furthermore although it is overseas travel unprecedented, it is mid-term studying abroad.
Naturally French seems that is close to zero.
It probably is to be able to arrive to Laval safely??
Because this year for the free foreigner French can be audited even fortunately, if only start it is cut off well, those which are obtained are to think that it is large, but….

As my guidance policy,
It goes with physical education meeting affiliation, or goes in the leaving play?…For the present however you do not understand yet, it is young, while with overcoming with venture heart, you think that we want learning various thing.

Well, without involving my life and the family in “venture,” only and should have done however it is,….

Everyone support we ask may with such a reason.

Here is the original article in Japanese.
Today I had generate this post with auto translation by Google.
I think the translation quality is 30%... :-p

Akihiko Shirai, Ph.D
Invited Researcher
Presence & Innovation Laboratory ENSAM France

21 January, 2007

Face Input Building Block on Virtools

Finally, I had uploaded my video on YouTube...

Akihiko Shirai, Ph.D
Invited Researcher
Presence & Innovation Laboratory ENSAM France

[CFP] WIAMIS 2007-Deadline Extended to Jan.24

WIAMIS 2007, 6-8 June 2007, Santorini, Greece




The International Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services (WIAMIS) is one of the main international fora for the presentation and discussion of the latest technological advances in interactive multimedia services. The objective of the workshop is to bring together researchers and developers from academia and industry working in all areas of image, video and audio applications, with a special focus on analysis. After Louvain (1997), Berlin (1999), Tampere (2001), London (2003), Lisboa (2004), Montreux (2005), Incheon (2006), WIAMIS 2007 is held in Santorini, Greece.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Multimedia content analysis and understanding

Content-based browsing, indexing and retrieval of images, video and audio

2D/3D feature extraction

Advanced descriptors and similarity metrics for audio and video

Relevance feedback and learning systems

Segmentation of objects in 2D/3D image sequences

Identification and tracking of regions in scenes

Voice/audio assisted video segmentation

Analysis for coding efficiency and increased error resilience

Analysis and understanding tools for content adaptation

Multimedia content adaptation tools, transcoding and transmoding

Content summarization and personalization strategies

Data hiding and copyright protection of multimedia content

Semantic mapping and ontologies

Multimedia analysis for advanced applications

Multimedia analysis hardware and middleware


WIAMIS 2007 will include in its Technical Program 2 invited talks by leading experts in the field of multimedia processing.

* Shih-Fu Chang, “Recent Advances and Open Issues of Digital Image/Video Search”

* Irfan Essa, “Data-driven and Procedural Analysis and Synthesis of Multimedia”


In addition to Invited Talks, its Regular Technical Program and a number of Special Sessions, WIAMIS 2007 will also include an Industry Session featuring talks by key industry players. Already confirmed industrial representation includes Google, FAST and Deutsche Welle. For more information, please check the related page at the WIAMIS 2007 site.


Paper submission is now open. Prospective contributors are invited to submit extended summaries electronically, using the online submission system at http://mkg.iti.gr/wiamis2007/submission/. Submissions should be in Adobe PDF file format, written in English, following the two-column IEEE conference proceedings format and extending no more than four two-column pages including all figures, tables and references. The proceedings will be published by IEEE and archived to IEEE-Xplore and the IEEE Computer Society digital libraries.


Paper Submission: 24 January 2007 (EXTENDED)

Review results: 23 February 2007

Submission of camera-ready papers: 9 March 2007


General Chairs

* Yiannis Kompatsiaris, Informatics and Telematics Institute, Greece

* Yannis Avrithis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Technical Program Chairs

* Milind R. Naphade, IBM T J Watson Research Center, USA

* Noel O'Connor, Centre for Digital Video Processing, Dublin City University, Ireland

* Vasileios Mezaris, Informatics and Telematics Institute, Greece

Special Sessions Chair

* Murat Tekalp, College of Engineering, Koc University, Turkey

Industry Liaisons

* Adrian Matellanes, Motorola Labs, UK

* Nikos Sarris, Athens Technology Center S.A., Greece


For questions, problems and all other inquiries, please contact wiamis2007(at)@iti.gr


Akihiko Shirai, Ph.D
Invited Researcher
Presence & Innovation Laboratory ENSAM France

[auto] Auto translation from my Japanese Blog

Recently, I am trying to use FoxLingo Add-ons on FireFox.

I haven't know there are such a lot of translating free service on the net.
Of course, it is not a perfect but it might be better than nothing on my international blog...

For example...

I will compare some engines and try to find my best one to translate from Japanese to English.
(Also there is a Japanese to French engine.)
When I write such a auto translated post, I will add [auto] on the title.
I am sorry for my laziness but computer life should be laziness.
Maybe the title will be hand translated. :-)

Akihiko Shirai, Ph.D
Invited Researcher
Presence & Innovation Laboratory ENSAM France

[CFP] Call For Papers

In this year, I have to get accept some articles on international conference and journals.

In the past days, I had managed them on my Wiki site, but I guess such as CFP(Call For Paper/Participation) should be posted to Blog like here.

Now, there are too many international conferences about Entertainment Technologies.
But their qualities of conference (submission, management, difficulty and publicity) are completely different.

So, it looks like a vogue.
I know such as situation is just typical "Research of Play" in medieval to modern generation.

Someone says,
"Research of Play is Playing of Researcher, isn't it?"

I am not sure it will be true or not, but I think it will be a hint archiving CFP linked to Entertainment Technologies.
Also it will be a good memorandum for my research....

Akihiko Shirai, Ph.D
Invited Researcher
Presence & Innovation Laboratory ENSAM France