17 February, 2008

Some interests at Media Art Festival 2008

[DJ Shodo] -Sound Calligraphy- (ver.2)

It can drawing by brush painting then it makes a dynamic sounds immediately.
The latest version is installed. It is smaller, kind and more interactivities. It have not shown on international stage, a winner of
student CG competition this year.

Latest version (video)

[(lighting ball for a new sports)] Mme. Sachiko KODAMA, Kentaro FUKUCHI et al.


The lighting ball has PIC micro processor. The ball material made by soft silicone.

[ene-geometrics 02] Mr.SEKINE (Univ. KEIO)


Heat convection visualization. Very beautiful.

[Stability Disaster Log] Karolina SOBECKA

When user shake the box, the room is shaked.

[Si Mi Sei Vicino (If you are close to me)]

Magnetic field visualization between users.

[Slot Machine Drawing] Mr.Junji WATANABE


Easy to make an animation on a virtual "long roll" paper. (Installed at ARS)


02 February, 2008

Laval Virtual ReVolution 2008, the submission deadline was extended

Dear colleagues of VR and interactive techniques,

The submission deadline of Laval Virtual ReVolution, the world
competition of VR demonstrations, was past at 1st Febrary 2008.

We would like to say great thanks to your submitted projects. However,
unfortunately, we had some other important deadlines in parallel.

We held the 10th anniversary of Laval Virtual in this year. To honor our
"invited acceptance" (it includes your international flight tickets,
accommodation and gala dinner tickets at the old castle), we need more
great number of submissions and quality.

If you already have submitted your project, you got a chance to improve
the submission with the latest state of arts and/or special approach for
Laval Virtual.

If your project have not started your submission, you should register
your project on the online now.

The extend deadline will be 8th February at 16:00(GMT).

This page will help you to get details.

We are looking forward to find the best project on the VR history!

best regards,

Akihiko Shirai, Ph.D